Online Training

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Looking for a great way to get fit in a way that will fit your busy schedule? Look no further than North Star Fitness! We offer online fitness programs that are perfect for anyone, regardless of your fitness level. Our online training programs provide all the guidance and support you need to reach your fitness goals. Plus, our online platform makes it easy to stay on track and reach your fitness goals. Ready to get started? Check out our online fitness programs today!


Our Uncontested Time and Attention

  • You will have our full attention throughout the online fitness coaching process. You can be assured that you're getting the best possible care and guidance from us.

Help Managing Your Stress

  • One of the main things that online fitness coaching can help with is stress management. We will help you to find healthy coping mechanisms for the stresses in your life.

Guided Nutrition Planning

  • Proper nutrition is a vital part of any fitness journey. We will help you to create a healthy and sustainable eating plan that will support your fitness goals.

Accountability and Motivation

  • One of the hardest things about getting fit is staying motivated. With online fitness coaching, you will have someone to help keep you accountable and motivated throughout your journey.


Super awesome layout! Highly recommend Rebecca as a trainer! She's my coach and I've had a lot of coaches in my life. By far, she has customized everything so that I will see progress. She listens and encourages me. I'm glad I found her!

-Kate Hutchings


Love this gym! I have the best trainer he’s very knowledgeable, knows how to push me. I always leave there feeling great.

-Candice Moore


There so many different opportunities to pursue your fitness and performance In this facility. Great coaching, great atmosphere & community!

-White Lion Athletics